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Friday, July 15, 2011

Fruits and Vegetables in Season in July

The State of NJ website has a great section on what fruits and vegetables are in season including a search engine to locate your favorite Pick-Your-Own farms.  Here are some tips for visiting a Pick-Your-Own Farm: 

1. Remember that when visiting the farm, you are a visitor. Please respect the property as it is usually both the family's home and business
2. Read and obey all signs. Follow directions about where and what to pick
3. Supervise children at all times
4. Wear shoes, shirts and other proper clothing at all times
5. Leave all pets at home
6. Be sure to place all litter in the proper trash receptacles
7. Keep head, arms, hands and legs inside when riding in farm wagons and remain seated until the wagon stops. 
8. Enjoy yourself and have fun!

Do Not:
1. Enter buildings that are not open to the public
2. Throw or damage produce
3. Climb on or touch farm tools and equipment. 
4. Climb trees or step on fruits and vegetables in the field
5. Frighten or hurt farm animals

Here is a list of the fruits and vegetables that are ready for the picking in July. So grab the family this weekend and support your local growers!

July 15 - July 30
July 5 - Aug. 10
Peaches, Nectarines
July 20 - Sept. 1
July 15 - Aug. 15
Red Raspberries
July 5 - July 21
July 1 - Oct. 31
July 1 - Oct. 31
June 10 - Oct. 31
July 5 - Aug. 15
July 20 - Sept. 30
June 25 - July 31
July 15 - Oct. 31
July 20 - Sept. 30
Snap Beans
June 20 - July 20
June 25 - Sept. 1
Sweet Corn
July 5 - Aug. 31
July 10 - Sept. 15

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