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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Copycat Recipe Week: Day 4-Mini Taco Bowls

Welcome to Day 4! As soon as Heather from Basilmomma: a busy Mom who likes to cook posted this recipe for Mini Taco Bowls on her blog a few weeks ago I KNEW it wouldn't be long before I had to try it out for myself! I even went so far as to forward it to a friend of mine who has this unnatural obsession with Taco's (Love You LF!). My kids LOVE tacos and I thought this would make a nice surprise for them. What I like about them most is that I could use whole wheat tortillas instead of the boxed corn variety you buy prepackaged at the store. I always wonder how long they've been sitting there, packaged or not! They don't like their tacos fancy with a lot of fillings. Simply just some ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and of course cheddar cheese (you can't forget the cheese!). These were so easy to make and they looked and tasted great.  Thanks for a great recipe idea Heather! 

Mini Taco Bowls
4 Whole Wheat Tortillas
1 lb. Lean Ground Beef (you could also use ground turkey or chicken)
1 pkg. Taco Seasoning + 1/2 c. Water
4 oz. Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Filling options: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Sour Cream, Salsa, Beans, etc...the list is endless, just pick your favorites. 

In a large frying pan, cook the ground beef until it is cooked through. Drain any grease and add the taco seasoning and water. Stir until the liquid has absorbed (approx. 5 minutes). Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  In a muffin pan fit a tortilla in each hole by folding it by pleating the sides to make it fit (I only had a regular sized muffin pan so it did overlap a little more than I would have liked). Fill with some meat and cheese and place in the oven until the 'bowl' becomes crispy and the cheese melts; remove from the oven. Fill with your toppings and serve. Makes 4. 



  1. Awesome! The worst part (only bad part) about these taco cups is making them stay folded in the is much harder when I use eggs!

    Thank you SO much for thinking of me and trying these!!

  2. I bet! They were still amazing and make a regular taco look so pretty! :)


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