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Monday, December 3, 2012

Eggnog Cookies

For the next three weeks, I'll be posting holiday baking recipes Monday-Thursday. And since I am not much of a baker, most of these recipes will be easy to make and perfect for beginning bakers. They don't have a lot of obscure ingredients or fancy decorations; however, they are all extremely tasty and worthy of sharing.  Most recipes are ones that I have found over the years and some are those that I have experimented with on my own using a combination of several different recipes.

Holiday Baking Recipe #1 Eggnog Cookies

I first found this recipe for Eggnog Cookies back in 2007 while searching the internet for some new baking inspiration. That is when I found these cookies at created by Karen Hamlin and have since made them year after year.  I printed out the recipe and my paper is so stained and tattered,  I thought it was about time that I share them here on the blog so that I could finally have a clean copy.

These cookies are easy to make and are extremely moist with the wonderful flavors of eggnog, nutmeg and cinnamon. They make a lovely addition to your holiday baking and freeze beautifully until you're ready to add them to your cookie platters. 


You can freeze most cookies for up to 6 months in an airtight container. I generally begin my holiday baking after Thanksgiving and store the well-cooled cookies in a Ziploc Freezer Bag. Then, when I'm ready to make a platter of cookies, I pull out only what I need at that time. 


  1. Hi Carrie
    It is a amazing and nice post. This cookies looking so yummy and tasty. I surely try it as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Hi carrie! I love eggnog and your cookies look so yummy, have to try your recipe! Thanks for sharing! Nettie

  3. Finally--an excuse to splurge on the richest eggnog, since I am sure it tastes better than the lowfat stuff in this recipe.



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