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Friday, October 7, 2011

I received a blog award!

Today, I was pleasantly surprised when I logged onto my blog this afternoon and saw that I was given my first award! 

In German Liebster means (n.) beloved, dear, dearest, love

I'm so excited and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to Joan from Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate blog. I'm fairly new to this blogging world and have met some great new friends in the last few weeks, Joan being one of them. I look forward to seeing what it is she is making each day and I'm never disappointed. I just need to get some time to make some of her delicious recipes myself! 

So the rules that come along with award are simple:

1) Show your thanks to the blogger that gave you the award by linking back to them.

2) Reveal your top 5 picks by leaving a comment on their blog.

3) Post the award on your blog.

4) Enjoy the love of some of the most supportive people on the internet.

So here are my five(I wish I could pick more!). I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do.

Though these are mostly in no particular order, I do have to give a huge thank you to Dave from Inspired by eRecipeCards. Dave was one of the first people to notice my blog, read it and writes wonderful comments each week (I love comments, it lets me know people are actually reading what I'm putting out there!). I am now a featured blogger on the site and post my recipes there daily for all to see. He is also one of the first people to actually make one of my recipes and blog about it on his site as well. If you haven't been there, I suggest you head on over and tell him that Carrie sent you. It's a great site where foodies post all of their favorite recipes all in one place. 

Lisa from Sweet As Sugar Cookies. Lisa was next to find me and told me about her Sweets for a Saturday Link Party. I had never heard of that before and figured I'd give it a try (still a little new at it but I'll get the hang of it). Though I don't cook many desserts, I enjoy her site very much and look forward to seeing all of the great desserts that get posted each week. 

Bia from Rich and Sweet. I just love to read her posts on the blog and on Facebook. She cooks with many of the flavors I love and her photography is stunning. 

Heather from Basilmomma. I keep up with Heather on the blog and also on Facebook. She is always posting great recipes (including her most recent week of risotto recipes..yum!) and always has a nice comment for anyone interacting on her page. 

Last, but not least. I would like to acknowledge Krista from Everyday Mom's Meals. Krista is always upbeat and always has nice things to say. Her recipes are easy, family meals and I look forward to Sunday when she hosts her Church Supper link party to see all of the great recipes other bloggers made during the week.  

Have a great weekend everyone and keep on cooking!


  1. Thank you SO much! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Thanks for the super award and congrats on receiving it.

  3. Thank you, thank you sooo much!!! You are sweet!!!

  4. Thank you Carrie! How sweet of you and what a nice surprise to wake up to this morning!

  5. Carrie...
    This looks amazing. I stumbled upon it on accident and now have it in my favorites. Thanks for all the hard work.

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