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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

If you read my post yesterday, you would know that it was hubby's birthday. Now in our house, you get to select whatever it is you want to eat for your birthday dinner and I'll make it, no matter what it is.  So hubby decided he wanted sauce and a Red Velvet Cake, which surprised me since he said it was his favorite but I can't recall ever seeing him eat it let alone ask for it in the 18+ years we've been together, but I'll go with it. He even gave me enough warning and started thinking about this a few months ago, which was perfect timing because right around that time, I saw a recipe for Red Velvet Cake from America's Test Kitchen pop up on one of the blogs I follow; which I can't seem to find out which one it was but they posted a link to ATK to get the actual recipe, so if someone reading this posted this recipe in the last month or so, let me know. :)

Anyway, so here I go baking. This is not my forte, especially cakes so I followed the recipe to the T and it came out perfect! Minus a little fight I had with the food coloring. Splatters of red all over my kitchen. Did I mention I have white cabinets, a white tile floor and sink and, though I hate them and will hopefully be redoing our kitchen next year, light grey countertops? Lucky for me, the Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner cleaned up the entire mess. The only thing I did different with ATK recipe is use a different Cream Cheese Frosting (by Janni on All I had found her recipe about a year ago and what I like about it is that it only has 4 ingredients and is FABULOUS on carrot cake so I figured it would be just as good on Red Velvet Cake too...and it was!



  1. I adore red velvet cake too.I've come up with a skinny one to enjoy guilt-free you might like,

  2. Thanks~I'll definitely have to check this one out! :)


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