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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Grilled Chicken Buffalo Pasta

I was fortunate enough to have Moore's Original Marinade contact me recently to see if I would be interested in trying out some of their products and I quickly agreed after seeing the wonderful flavors they carry. Moore's Original Marinade was introduced forty years ago at a  local steakhouse in a small town called Jasper, Alabama (just north of Birmingham). Their original unique hickory flavor marinade was so well received, that they launched other flavors such as Teriyaki Marinade, Buffalo Wing Sauce, Honey BBQ Wing, and the Asian Teriyaki Sauce. All Moore's flavors are gluten free except for the Asian Teriyaki Sauce. Moore's can be found in supermarkets across the United States and their marinades are available in 16 oz. bottles and gallon sizes. They pride themselves on using a family recipe that is made with the highest quality ingredients around that enhance food flavors instead of covering them.

So when I received the package last weekend, I couldn't wait to get started! The hubby and kids wanted to try the Buffalo Wing Sauce and the Honey BBQ Wing Sauce so I made a small batch of each type and both were FANTASTIC! You can control the "heat" by simply adding a little butter to the sauce after the wings are cooked, which worked out perfectly since I don't like things too spicy. I also baked the wings first, instead of frying them and they were still crispy and delicious without all of those extra calories you get from frying. 

Next, I was about to post about the wings but thought, why not create something a little different to share with you also so that it showcases just how good this product was. So I created this pasta, which has all of the elements of a classic Buffalo wing with a little twist. 

Grilled Chicken Buffalo Pasta
2-6oz. Boneless Chicken Breasts, sliced in half horizontally
1/2 lb. Penne Pasta
Parsley, garnish

Cook pasta according to package directions. While the pasta is cooking, place your chicken on a heated indoor grill pan and grill both sides until cooked through, then slice diagonally. Add the cooked pasta to a bowl, then add in the chicken, Moore's Buffalo Wing Sauce, and Marie's dressing. Mix well and serve. Serves 4. 

Here are the pictures of the wings!

Thank you Moore's Marinade and I can't wait to experiment with the rest of the flavors to see what I can come up with! If anyone is interested in ordering online, click HERE or visit their website for other great cooking tips, helpful grill hints and nutritional information.  
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  1. I bet this taste sure looks great.

  2. This looks phenomenal! Pasta + "buffalo" flavors = perfection! Btw, I just started following you on Pinterest as well!

  3. I like how you used the marinade as a pasta sauce...I love playing with ingredients like that too. I've never heard of Moore's so I'll check them out. Lovely pictures! :)

  4. Oh my! This looks great. A nice change from the Buffalo Chicken dip everyone seems to be making. This is actually a meal with the same great taste! YUM!

  5. Thanks for stopping by and for the wonderful comments Doc and Amrita. @LB That's what I was aiming for and I think my experiment worked. It was a definite hit! :)

  6. ohmygooosh i'm totally craving buffalo sauce now! =)

  7. My husband was fortunate enough to be given a helping of this from Carrie and loved it, the rest of us did not get a chance to taste it since he ate the entire portion for lunch. Highly recommends it.

    1. Ok, I'll have to make it again at another family gathering! :)


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