Friday, July 20, 2012

Week 27: Seafood Frenzy Friday

Welcome to Week 27 of Seafood Frenzy Friday where I select seafood recipes from some of my food blogging friends to showcase for all of you since I don't eat any fish myself. Simply click on the name of the recipe underneath the picture to be taken to the author's original post.  ENJOY! 

Avocado Pesto

Simply Fresh Cooking


Teaspoon of Spice

Bev Cooks

Olga's Flavor Factory


Best of This Life

Food 4 Tots

Gen Y Foodie


  1. The Potato and Crabmeat Salad caught my eye right away! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful recipes.

  2. Thanks for sharing my Potato and Crabmeat Salad! I love seafood, but don't care much for fish myself, but I tolerate it once in a while for my husband. I always say that's what fish oil pills are for! lol :)

    1. You're welcome and I'm with you! lol BTW, this is how my daughter's name is spelled also!


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