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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sun Dried Tomato & Asiago Cheese Pasta Salad

This is definitely a salad I'm going to have to make again, especially since I only tasted a small forkful of it! Our cheer booster club was hosting a ladies night out event in December and I wasn't able to attend, but I signed up to bring a salad. I wanted it to be vinaigrette based as it was going to be sitting out for a couple of hours and from what I was told, it was a hit. I generally use sun dried tomatoes that are not packed in oil, but I figured by using this type, it would give this salad a tad more flavor using the oil the tomatoes were packed in, instead of regular extra virgin olive oil. 

Sun Dried Tomato & Asiago Cheese Pasta Salad
1 lb. Farfalle Pasta (I used Barilla)
1/4 c. Red Onion, chopped
1-8oz. Jar Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil, diced
1/3 c. Fresh Basil Chopped
1/2 c. Asiago Cheese, shredded
1 Package Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix
1/3 c. Balsamic Vinegar

1. Cook pasta according to package directions, rinse under cold water and cool. 
2. Place the pasta in a large bowl and add the sun dried tomatoes, onions, basil, cheese, dressing mix, oil from the sun dried tomatoes and vinegar. Mix well. Makes 10 cups (20-1/2 cup servings)

*Nutritional Information per Serving: Calories 146, Carbs 21.1g, Fat 4.9g, Protein 5.3g, Fiber 1.4g
*Calculations based on ingredients entered into CalorieCount and may not be 100% accurate. 



  1. Ooh, that looks so good and comforting. I love asiago cheese!

  2. What a tasty looking salad, and how great to find an oil-based pasta salad that can sit at room temp for a while. Bookmarked!

  3. This looks amazing! Can't wait to try it!


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