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Friday, April 19, 2013

A Week in Review (April 12-18, 2013)

Since Friday is generally a "light" viewing day here on the blog, I thought I'd share some of the things that happen in my week that I post on Facebook and Instagram that you might not catch if you don't follow me there. 

It was a very busy week here at the Farias house with the usual running around with the kids and keeping up with the house; however, for the last 13 days the hubby has been out of town on an international business trip to Australia, Singapore, China, and India. I don't mind it so much if it's during the week, but it certainly is more difficult when the trips take place over our weekends as well. The time change ranged anywhere from 9 1/2 to 14 hours ahead of NJ time; which certainly made it even more difficult to speak.  Especially when he wound up sick and had to visit a hospital in China...we think it was bad dumplings in Singapore where he was the day before since he got ill the last time he was there too! He's feeling better now, but understandably tired, and is glad he's on his way back home. 

On the homefront...
  • I found a hard lump on the top of my foot on Sunday morning, had an x-ray and saw a podiatrist. Now I have to go for an ultrasound and it looks like I have a fibroma cyst; which will need to be surgically removed...never a dull moment around here! 
  • I surprised a CEK reader with a copy of my cookbook after she won a contest for another giveaway I hosted and the book didn't make it there the first time (it's since been redelivered!). She had no idea it was coming and was THRILLED! I love surprising people, makes you feel good when there is so much bad in the world. 
  • Rachael has been driving more (still with her permit) and getting much better, though parking in a parking space still challenges her. Safety parking at it's best! 

Seen On Instagram...
  • It was time to get my annual eye exam and after 4 years, my prescription for reading glasses hadn't changed; though I just have to wear them more frequently. I did decide to update my specs to these pink, black and white ones though since our insurance covers them and it was time for a change. WDYT? 

  • We had our monthly Bunco and the theme was "Wiggin' Out.. or It"...I can't remember, but we all showed up donned in wigs. We're so silly! Here I am with some of the Bunco girls in the long black and red wig. 
  • This review on Goodreads brought a tear to my eye. I'm so glad I get to share my love of food with all of you each day and reading comments like this make it all worth while! <3

  • I experimented with some watermelon that had no flavor so no one was eating it and created this Cilantro Watermelon Limeade. The kids loved it as a refreshing drink and I threw a splash of rum in mine (you know, just to taste!) and made it as a frozen drink. Outdoor grilling season is approaching! Oh and I use Lightroom to edit all of my photos (which I had to scour over 300 of them to get 6 usable images!) Recipe to follow in the coming weeks.
  • Then there was the mysterious "ALCOHOL" delivery. The funny thing was that I was home. I must not have heard them knock on the door. Turns out it was wine, which was delivered as a gift to my husband from his friends at work for his birthday (wine of the month) and I forgot about it.  

And then there were the recipes...

Along with 10 foods that help slim you down when you're over me! 

Guest Post at Cupcakes & Kale Chips

And finally, the Giveaway Reminder...

If you haven't already, there are only 5 days left to enter to win this red KitchenAid Stand Mixer on the Spring Celebration Giveaway

Leave a comment below to tell me what's been going 
on in YOUR world this week and enjoy your weekend! 

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