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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Guacamole Farro Salad and Other Ideas for Cinco de Mayo

We don't generally celebrate Cinco de Mayo which is this coming Sunday (May 5th); however, who could pass up a good guacamole? I know we can't. In fact, guacamole has become one of our favorite weekend snacks. So when I purchased too many avocados on my last shopping trip, I had to use them up before they went bad. 

I combined all of the same ingredients I'd use to make my guacamole, but added in cooked farro to make this Guacamole Farro Salad. It was so good that Rachael and I ate it for lunch for several days. It was very filling, but refreshingly light. 

Guacamole Farro Salad
1 c. Farro, rinsed
2 c. Water
2 Avocado, pitted and diced
1 Tomato, small dice
1 tbsp. Red Onion, finely chopped
1 tbsp. Fresh Cilantro, chopped
1 Lime, zest and juice
1/2 Jalepeno Pepper, small dice
3 Tbsp. Canola Oil
Kosher Salt, to taste
Fresh Ground Pepper, to taste

1. Add water to a pot and bring to a boil; then add in the farro. Allow to simmer over low-medium heat until the water has been absorbed; approximately 15 minutes. Remove the farro and add to a bowl; let cool. 
2. Add the avocado, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, lime zest and juice, pepper and oil to the farro. Season with salt and pepper; mix well. Makes 7 - 1/2 cup servings. 

*Nutritional Information per Serving: Calories 225, Carbs 25.7g, Fat 12.9g, Protein 5.2g, Fiber 6.4g, Sugar 1.1g
*Calculations based on ingredients entered into Calorie Count and may not be 100% accurate.

Looking for some other ideas for your Cinco de Mayo party? 
How about these favorites!


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  1. I love a good guac.

    And that Mexian Beer Cheese Soup looks heavenly.

    We don't normally celebrate Cinco de Mayo, either. And it's hard to believe it's already May 5 around the corner.

    1. I know, this year is FLYING by so fast!

  2. I'm not much for Cinco de Mayo, but we are preloading the adult beverages in anticipation of my spouse's departure, so why not margaritas?
    I think you brilliantly used up an excess of avocados, Carrie!

    1. Sounds like a wonderful idea Kirsten, make mine strawberry! lol Hoping your spouse stays safe on his next tour.


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