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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Recipe Rerun: Fried Green Tomatoes with Avocado Ranch Dipping Sauce

School is almost out for the summer (YES, we're still going until next week!) and I'm trying to tie up a few loose ends around the house before I'm off and running trying to entertain an eleven year old for the next few months. If you read my newsletter, you'll know that my posts may be a little sporadic in the coming weeks, but I'll try my best to create new content to share with you you as often as I can. My daughter has even offered to do a few Guest Posts over the summer and is looking forward to getting back into the kitchen again. 

In the meantime, I'll be running some old posts to bring new life to these fun recipes as well as share them with all of the new followers I have here at CEK since they were first posted. 

To start with, I'm going to share this recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes with Avocado Ranch Dipping Sauce. I chose this recipe for several reasons. 
  1. It was the 2nd most popular (page views) recipe on my site to date since starting this blog in April 2011. 
  2. When I first posted this recipe last September, many people couldn't find "green tomatoes" as by then, most tomato plants had fully blossomed and turned red. Depending on when you planted your tomato plants or where you reside, the next few weeks will be a great time to pick them for this recipe before they fully bloom. Also, if you didn't grow your own tomato plants, ask your local farm stand if they can pick some for you. 
  3. If you read the original post, I used bottled Ranch dressing; which was great in a pinch. However, since then I found a wonderful homemade lower fat version from +Ann Fulton  of the Fountain Avenue Kitchen. I shared her recipe for Low Fat Ranch Dressing back in January this year and this dressing would also work very nicely for this dipping sauce. 
  4. Now this is the big one. Are you ready? These are DEE-LIC-IOUS and shouldn't be missed. However, as I mentioned in the first post, it's one of those things you need to make and eat right away while they're hot. When reheated, they loose that crispy coating that comes when you first fry something. 

Oh one last thing. Sorry, but you won't find any nutritional information on this recipe. We're frying people, need I say more?! 

Did you make these the first time I posted this recipe?
 If so, comment below and let me know! 


  1. For as many times as I've heard about fried green tomatoes over the years, I can't believe I've never had them. I think that needs to change soon... :)

    1. Oh you don't know what you're missing Anita...SO Good!

  2. For real? Folks in September couldn't find green tomatoes?? Never in my life have I not been able to find green tomatoes in September--the plants always keep on producing and when I'm staring down at a frost warning I have an abundance of green tomatoes that come in to the house. That's when I make green tomato garlic chili. You're making me wonder now, I've got a jam recipe that I was going to hold off until the end of tomato season, because as good as your fried green tomatoes may be, there's nothing better than a ripe summer tomato and that's what I want right now. I'll save the green stuff until I've stuffed myself full with the red ones.


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