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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chef Contest-Chocolate Blancmange (Hidemi Walsh)

Welcome to the first every CEK's 2012 Home Grown Chef Contest! 

A few months ago, I challenged my readers to submit their favorite recipes and what a great response I had!  It is up to each recipe contributor to engage their friends/family/etc to view their recipe on this blog post and the 5 most popular recipes (determined by the number of page views it receives) will be added to a poll for everyone to vote on.  (For complete rules of the contest click HERE.) Good luck!

Recipe Contributor: Hidemi Walsh from Plainfield, IN

Bio: I am Japanese and moved to IN 3 years ago from Tokyo to marry my husband. I used to live in San Francisco as well (almost 10 years ago) so this is not my first time to live in the US but I find lots of new, exciting and interesting things. Food is one of things and I have been learing American traditional dishes which is very fun. I started to cook when I was in mid 20s because I wanted to lose weight. I was overweight and tried lots of METHODS to lose weight. I found out that what you eat is the best way not only to lose weight but also to stay healthy. I stopped to eat out, buy food from stores. Now I cook healthy yet delicious (try) food for my husband and myself every day. This is my favorite recipe because it is very easy to make and with a few ingredient make great dessert. 

 Chocolate Blancmange
2 oz Dark Chocolate Bar
5 tablespoons Corn Starch
1 3/4 cup Milk
2 tablespoons Granulated Sugar

1. Chop dark chocolate bar.
2. In a sauce pan, put sugar, corn starch and milk. Heat over low heat and add chopped chocolate. 
3. Stir constantly and simmer until chocolate is melted completely and mixture thickens.
4. Remove from the heat and pour into serving bowl/glass/mousse ring mold. Refrigerate for 3-4 hours or until set. 
5. When ready to serve, put whipped cream on top.

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