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Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Brunch Ideas

Mother's Day is this coming Sunday (as I'm sure you're all aware), but did you know that Brunch is the most popular meal eaten on this day? Well at least it will be in other homes. I don't really care for breakfast food; which is why there aren't that many of them here on the blog. Give me oatmeal or a simple egg white omelet with mushrooms or fresh spinach and I'm happy. I'm not even sure what we're doing yet for Mother's Day as we weren't supposed to be in town this weekend, but it's the one day I don't plan an activity for during the year.  I just hope I don't wind up cooking! 

Here are some breakfast ideas, that you might enjoy: 

And then there is the ENTIRE website filled with what I like to call "real" food to round out your Brunch. Click on the 'Search This Blog' box at the top, left hand side of the page. :)

Wishing everyone in the CEK family a Happy Mother's Day!

Here are some of the Mom's in my life...

Me, Rachael, Don and Gab
My MIL-Linda, Rachael and my FIL-Don
My Mom, her husband Dieter and my grandmother Grace

My Dad, Rachael and my stepmother Michele

My SIL-Donna with Rachael
My SIL Barbara with Rachael
And a special Mother's Day wish to all of my aunts, cousins, friends and niece Jessica, 
who will have a new addition joining our family any day now. :)

...Enjoy your day! xo 


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, too, Carrie!
    I will probably end up cooking, but it will be exactly what I feel like eating, and if the kids want to have some they are welcome. But if not, they can forage.

    1. I like the way you think Kirsten! I don't make separate meals either. If they don't like what I make, then they can make something themselves. ;)

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you, Carrie! Love all the brunch ideas!


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