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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to School: The Most Common Food Allergies

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For many kids, summer fun is over and children are gradually starting to make their way back to the classroom. For some, being in school can be life threatening; especially if surrounded by foods that can make them sick.

According to a recent article in Family Circle, about 90% of food allergies involve just eight foods. I've heard many parents complain over the years about not being able to bring in cupcakes or a specific treat for their child's birthday. But is it really worth another child getting sick over? I am one of the fortunate ones who have children without any food allergy issues, but many of my children's friends do. It's important that everyone be aware and to seek alternatives so as not to alienate a child in class. No one wants to feel like they don't belong.

Though not a complete list, here are the most common food allergies...
  • Peanuts .6%
  • Fish .6%
  • Soy .6%
  • Eggs 1%
  • Shellfish 1.2%
  • Wheat 1.3%
  • Milk 3%
  • Tree Nuts (almonds, pecans, cashews, walnuts) 4.1%
Helpful Tips
  1. Before bringing in a snack, ask your childs' teacher if anyone in the class has a specific allergy. 
  2. Check labels! Even if a product doesn't contain the ingredient, it may be produced in a factory that does and cross contamination may occur. Every allergy sufferer has a different level of tolerance from mild (slight nausea or rash) to extreme (anaphylaxis shock). 
  3. If your child does have a food allergy, provide a suggested list of acceptable items. The teacher can then distribute the list to other parents so that they know what is/isn't safe. 
  4. Some good choices are snacks that are healthier like fruit, popcorn, vegetables with hummus or low/no sugar popsicles. 
A Little Inspiration

(contains dairy)

(contains wheat)

(contains dairy)

(contains wheat and eggs)

(contains tree nuts)

(contains tree nuts)

And one of our favorites....

Have a great school year! 


  1. Great blog and recipes! I shared w/the Girlfriends, too. While my daughter was not allergic to any foods while she was growing up, she was allergic to a zillion other things & we went for allergy shots every Saturday for about 3 years! As an adult, she discovered severe allergies to peanuts and shellfish...which sent her to the ER twice!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing this post with your friends. Getting shots like that must have been nerve wracking, but I'm so glad she doesn't need them anymore. That's funny how the allergy to peanuts/shellfish didn't show themselves until now with her history, but my brother in law (who is going to be 50) just found out he's now allergic to lobster which he's eaten his entire life.

  2. Carrie,
    I have to say I'm surprised that peanut allergies are such a small percentage compared to milk and eggs. I wonder why they are much more talked about.
    Thanks for a comprehensive list and great recipe suggestions!

    1. I was a little shocked myself. I thought it would have been more. Thanks for stopping by Kirsten, have a great week.


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