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Thursday, January 30, 2014

80+ Super Bowl XLVIII Game Day Recipe Ideas

Super Bowl XLVIII, is just a few short days away and is being hosted in my home state of New Jersey; just 32 miles from my home. Yes, the Super Bowl is in NJ not NY. We Jersey folk are pretty sensitive about that sort of thing considering our two football teams (Giants and Jets) both play in our fine state and not in New York.
Photo Courtesy of Wagner Cedeno
Will I be anywhere near the stadium this weekend? ABSOLUTELY NOT! NJ road systems are crazy enough as it is. Throw in thousands of out of town drivers that now have to navigate to the stadium on our fine road system (haha) and it will be a nightmare.

In any event, my beloved Giants are not playing in the Super Bowl this year; however, I'll still be watching the game from the comforts of my own home with a warm fire blazing and a nice home cooked meal prepared by my family to celebrate my birthday (I don't cook on my birthday...ever!). We'll probably have a few fun snack foods as well, but not quite sure which one's they will make so I figured I'd compile a list of my favorites to help them out.  If you're looking for more inspiration, you can also check out these posts: Top 10 Must Have Foods for Super Bowl SundaySuper Bowl Appetizer Ideas or the Top 10 Appetizer list I compiled recently.

 ~Enjoy and may the best team win!

Starters, Dips & Salsa's 


It's all about the Chicken: Wings, Baked and Fried

Pasta, Chili and Stews go a long way when feeding a crowd so you can spend more time watching the game and less time in the kitchen

Burgers and Sandwiches

Don't Forget the Toppings

    Snacks & Mini Desserts

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  1. I'm overwhelmed with the preparations. Thanks for the great delicious ideas.

  2. I think this will help me in planning my weekly meal. Thanks you so much for your new recipe ideas. Only one suggestion from my side, do check Store Flyer while you shop for grocery and food needs.


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